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ISC 2015 information
The Aryavarta Space Organization (ASO) and Amity University, Noida pleased to announce the opening of the call for papers for International Space Conference (ISC) 2015 for the following sessions:

Conference Tracks

Track 01. Space Science & Technology

Interplanetary Missions, Planetary Environment, Earth Observations, Space Debris Mitigation, Deep Space Explorations, Communication and Navigation, Propulsion, Design and Structure, Thermal and Power Systems, Astronautic & Astrophysics, Innovation & Future Explorations, Education in Space

Track 02. Space Law, Policy & Management

Intra-government Treaties, Regional Space Policies, Space Debris Regulations, Space Tourism, Insurance & Liability Issues, Commercial & Legal Issues related to Space Explorations, New Business Opportunities, Participatory Explorations for Education Empowerment & Capacity Building, International Moot Court

Track 03. Life Science Issues in Space & Aero-medicine

Human Space Endeavors, Biological Issues and Human Habitation, Gravity Variation Effects on Human Bodies, Radiological & Chemical Effects, Research & Education Opportunities

Track 04. Space Applications & Climate Change

Monitoring Earth Environment, Satellite Observations for Stratosphere Activities, Remote Sensing and Disaster Monitoring, Solar Activity Observations, Weather Cycle & Space Applications, Mapping Water and Agriculture Sources, Glaciers Observations, Open Forum Discussion


Authors are requested to submit their abstract (400 words maximum) through an email at isc2015@gmail.com in MS word or PDF version please.

To submit the abstract, the email subject should be entitled ISC 2015 ABSTRACT_(CONFERENCE TRACK NO.)_First Name (For example, ISC 2015 ABSTRACT_01/02/03/04_XXXX).

Authors (and co-authors) are requested to write the full name(s) in capital letters with their full title and affiliation(s) please.

For further details / correspondences, interested agencies and/or institutions are requested to communicate at secretariat.isc2015@gmail.com OR isc2015@aryavartaspace.org with subject ISC 2015 Papers.